Dental Emergencies

As a dental professional we would always advise that the best way to preempt any dental emergency is preventative dental care like regular dental checkups & teeth cleaning. However dental problems can occur anytime and at times the patients do not know how urgent is the issue that they experience. Can they postpone the treatment for a few hours or a few days or should they run to the nearby emergency dental clinic right away?

Usually, there are few ways to tell if your problem is an emergency that needs treatment right away. For example, if you lost or broke a tooth, the best thing is to schedule your emergency dental care visit. If you have a toothache, it is a good idea to call a dentist immediately.

Some issues that may seem like emergencies do not necessarily require urgent dental care. If you have a chipped tooth without pain or severe bleeding, you might be able to wait a few days before seeing a dentist. By all means, schedule an appointment right away, but do not worry if it is a couple of days before your dental provider can see you.

The same is true if you have slight sensitivity that causes minor discomfort, and that does not interfere with your daily activities. You will most likely be able to wait a few days before you see a dentist without the discomfort causing extreme distress.


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